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  • Amarine Belladiva Anastasia


    A newer variety of Amarine, Anastasia has beautiful pale pink flowers.

  • Anemone blanda blue shades

    Anemone blanda blue shades


    A lovely mix of blue shades of  anemone blanda which will make a fantastic show in the garden or when grown in containers.

  • Anemone blanda White Splendour AGM

    Anemone blanda White Splendour AGM


    Anemones are ideal for inter planting between shrubs or other bulbs. This variety has pure white delicate flowers and is a very popular variety.

  • Anemone Bordeaux

    Anemone Bordeaux


    Anemone Bordeaux is a superb anemone with stunning flowers of velvety crimson and a steely blue centre.

  • Anemone De Caen Hollandia


    Anemones are very good for using as cut flowers but they are also a great garden flower. Anemone de caen Hollandia is a single anemone and has single bright red flowers.

  • Anemone De Caen Mixed Colours


    Anemone De Caen are excellent for growing to use as cut flowers or just to enjoy in the garden.

  • Anemone De Caen Mr Fokker

    Anemone De Caen Mr Fokker


    Mr Fokker is a single anemone and has single violet-blue flowers.

  • Anemone De Caen The Bride

    Anemone De Caen The Bride


    Anemone de caen The Bride, single white flowers of De Caen anemones which are often used for bridal favours.

  • Anemone nemerosa AGM

    Anemone nemorosa AGM


    Wood anemones are very popular and are ideal for growing in shady spots or under trees. They will spread and naturalise very well, quickly filling up bare areas.

  • Anemone St Brigid


    Anemone St Brigid are excellent for growing to use as cut flowers or just to enjoy in the garden.

  • Arisaema candidissimum AGM

    Arisaema candidissimum AGM


    Originating from West China, this arisaema has white spathes with a pink suffision.

  • Arisaema concinnum

    Arisaema concinnum


    Very attractive leaves and the spathe tube can either be green or purple both with attractive white stripes.

  • Arisaema griffithii

    Arisaema griffithii


    Griffithii is one of the most unusual of the arisaemas and needs to be seen to be believed.

  • Arum italicum subsp Marmoratum AGM

    Arum italicum subsp Marmoratum AGM


    Arum Marmoratum produces pale yellow flowers that sometimes go on to produce orange berries.

  • dahlia bishop of Llandaff

    Bees and Butterflies Dahlia Collection


    Great price for 5 dahlias will attract a whole range of insects including bees and butterflies.

  • Begonia Double Mixed


    A great collection of double begonia comprising 15 bulbs – 3 each of pink, orange, red, yellow and white.

  • Begonia Double Orange


    Our begonia orange tubers are amongst the largest you can get. Double begonia orange has deep bright orange blooms.

  • Begonia Double Pink


    This begonia has superb deep soft pink large flower heads. Large tubers supplied.

  • Begonia Double Red


    A superb vivid dark red begonia,

  • Begonia Double White


    Stunning pure white flowers this begonia will draw the eye in any planting scheme.

  • Begonia Double Yellow


    Superb large golden yellow blooms growing from the top grade tubers our begonias are ideal for brightening up the shady areas of any garden.

  • Begonia Pendula Orange


    Bright orange pendulous flowers that will cascade down and as we provide large tubers we know these are the best for a summer of colour.

  • Begonia Pendula Pink


    Such an easy group to grow, this begonia has bright pink flowers that cascade down in a spectacular fashion.

  • Begonia Pendula Red


    Ideal for containers or hanging baskets the gorgeous red flowers will provide a cascade of colour throughout the summer.

  • Begonia Pendula White


    The pure white pendulous begonia flowers form on very strong stalks which of course hang down.

  • Begonia Pendula Yellow


    Grow in hanging baskets or containers for the best affect, the flowers of this pendula begonia will provide a fantastic show of golden yellow flowers.

  • Begonia Picotee Pastel Mixed


    Pastel begonias produce superb flowers, with this variety producing flowers that are lovely pastel shades.

  • Bouiquet Romance

    Bouquet Romance Collection


    This is a fantastic collection and Bouquet Romance will provide flowers all summer long.

  • Colocasia esculenta


    lovely arching stems of pendulous greenish-white flowers which are then followed by blackish berries in the autumn.

  • Crocosmia Suzanna

    Crocosmia Suzanna


    Crocosmia’s increase well in the garden if left undisturbed and are also good for using as cut flowers.

  • Dahlia Akita


    Dahlia Akita is a decorative dahlia that is dark crimson red with hues of orange and tipped white.

  • Dahlia Claire Obscure

    Dahlia Alauna Clair Obscur


    Alauna Clair Obscur is a very eye catching cactus spider dahlia in claret red which shades to fuschia over time, with white tipped petals.


    Dahlia Ambition


    A superb dahlia with lovely spikey looking flower. They make a fantastic display in containers or in borders

  • Dahlia Arabian Night


    Dahlia Arabian Night is a very popular deep crimson red decorative dahlia.

  • Dahlia Arbatax

    Dahlia Arbatax


    Dahlia Arbatax will produce a mass of flowers over the season. Each flower of Arbatax are white edged pink

  • Dahlia Bacardi


    Bacardi in salmon pink fading to creamy yellow towards the edges.

  • Dahlia Bishop of Canterbury


    Paeony dahlias are very attractive to bees and butterflies and thus ideal for the wild garden.

  • Dahlia American Pie

    Dahlia Bishop of Leicester


    Bishop of Leicester produces masses of single flowers that are white flushed purple and very attractive to pollinating insects.

  • Dahlia Bishop of Oxford


    Bishop of Oxford produces orange flowers with leaves that are a deep bronzy green.

  • Dahlia Bishop of York

    Dahlia Bishop of York


    The bronzy yellow flowers of Bishop of York are very attractive to bees, pollinating insects and butterflies

  • Dahlia Black Cat


    Black Cat like all dahlias will flower all summer long. The flowers are dark maroon/red and look very magnificent.

  • Dahlia Black Touch

    Dahlia Black Touch


    Black Touch like all dahlias will flower all summer long. The flowers are dark maroon/red and look very magnificent.

  • Dahlia Cabana Banana

    Dahlia Cabana Banana


    Dahlia Cabana Banana is a quite superb dahlia with flowers that are a salmon pink. A cactus dahlia which has delicious spiky flowers.

  • Dahlia Cafe au Lait

    Dahlia Cafe au Lait


    Decorative dinner plate dahlia Cafe au Lait will make a fantastic display in containers or in borders.

  • Dahlia Colour Spectacle


    Large flowers that are stunning, flowers all summer long

  • Dahlia Creme de Cassis

    Dahlia Creme de Cassis


    Dahlia Creme de Cassis has a perfect arrangement of delicate petals that blend from burgundy to a pale pink.

  • Dahlia Cut Flower Collection


    A fantastic cut flower collection of 5 named varieties.

  • Dahlia Wittem

    Dahlia Eveline


    Dahlia Eveline is an exquisite looking decorative dahlia with softly coloured petals in white.

  • Dahlia Franz Kafka

    Dahlia Franz Kafka


    Franz Kafka a pompon dahlia with gorgeous round lilac pink flowers. The flowers of Franz Kafka have lovely round heads,

  • Dahlia Gallery Singer


    Dahlia Gallery Singer is a dwarf dahlia with bright red flowers contrasted by luscious green foliage.

  • Dahlia Garden Wonder


    Dahlias will flower all summer long and look just stunning in borders or containers.

  • Dahlia Golden Torch


    Dahlia Golden Torch has sunny yellow flowers and are a lovely ball shaped.

  • Dahlia H S Date


    H S Date is a single flowered dahlia with flowers that are very attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.

  • Dahlia imperialis

    Dahlia imperialis


    Dahlia imperialis is one of the tallest varieties that we offer growing up to 10 ft in the UK. Flowers are a soft lilac pink.

  • Dahlia imperialis

    Dahlia imperialis alba


    White form of this variety Imperialis is a late flowering single flowered and this is the pure white version of the group.


    Dahlia Inca


    Powder Puff dahlia which are very attractive to bees and butterflies. The flowers are a bright red with a richer red centre,

  • Dahlia Jowey Gipsy


    A new dahlia to us last year, Jowey Gipsy is a wonderful decorative dahlia with creamy yellow and pink flowers.

  • Dahlia Karma Gold


    Dahlia Karma gold is a gorgeous decorative dahlia with golden yellow flowers that are 6-7″ in size.

  • Dahlia Kelvin Floodlight


    Dahlia Kelvin Floodlight is a fantastic dinner plate dahlia with flowers heads of lemon yellow.

  • Dahlia Lady Kate


    The flowers of Dahlia Lady Kate are creamy white, lilac and two tone.

  • Dahlia Leila Savannah Rose


    Dahlia Leila Savannah Rose has flowers that are a soft lilac-purple and white with a fine magenta edge,

  • Dahlia Little Robert

    Dahlia Little Robert


    Pompon dahlia Little Robert will produce flowers all summer long which are a striking reddish purple on a white background.

  • Dahlia Magenta Surprise


    Dahlia Magenta Surprise is a new decorative dahlia with flowers that are a peachy pink with a lighter orange centre.

  • Dahlia My Love


    Dahlia My Love is a pure white cactus with a greenish yellow centre.