Cyclamen coum album


Cyclamen coum album is the white form of Cyclamen coum and they do work really well when grown together.

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Cyclamen coum album is the white form of Cyclamen coum and they do work really well when grown together. The flowers of cyclamen coum album are a pure white with a deep violet rose nose. The foliage sometimes shows as lightly silvered and a very glossy. It can be grown under trees or out in the open.

Growing Instructions

Plant in soils that are well drained and do not become waterlogged over winter. Cultivate soils to a depth of 8cms and plant corms no deeper than 2.5cms and  10cms apart. In heavy soils such as clay add grit or humus matter to help with drainage. In sandy soils add organic matter to help with fertility. Keep the soil fertile to encourage naturalising and if you are concerned that the soil is not fertile enough feed them with bone meal or similar.They will naturalise and spread really well. After a number of years they may need to be divided. Dig them up when the flowers have died back and re-plant farther apart.

They are happy in full sun or semi shade in the borders, rockeries, under trees and shrubs and also look superb in containers. Crocus like all bulbs need to be fed so if the soil is not fertile enough use bone meal or similar to feed during the leaf and flower stage.

Ideal foods are well rotted manures, grass clippings, tomato feed and bone meal.

Key Point: Supplied in pots and will naturalise much quicker than a dry bulb, producing a mass of smaller flowering off shoots.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 10cm

Flowering Period: January-March

Aspect: Shade to full sun. Plant no deeper than 2.5cm

Soil type: All free draining soils that are fertile

Tip: Cyclamen do not like to be planted too deep so do not plant them deeper than 2.5cm. Keep well watered during the growing period. Plant with specie crocus such as Ruby Giant or Ard Schenk. Also great with the taller later flowering crocus.

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