Arisaema tortuosum


This is a very robust tall growing arisaema with majestic green spathes.

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Arisaema Tortuosum does produce green spathes and can grow up to 6 foot tall although normally this majestic plant will grow between 3 to 4 feet tall. Looking for something to grow in the shadier areas of the garden? Then Arisaema tortuosum is ideal as it is a very robust plant.

Arisaema, also known as Cobra Lilies, are spectacular plants that grow from woodland floors and have unusual flowers. Arisaema will thrive in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil that has with dappled sunshine overhead. Whether you’re planting one or two to as a striking architectural centre piece. Or even if you are planning an extensive grouping, you can be rest assured that these winged cobras will become a focal point in your garden.

Cultivation instructions:

Indoor planting: Not suitable for growing indoors. Can be started off in pots inside and moved or planted outside once you see growth.

Planting outside: Ensure they are planted quite deep as doing this will protect the tubers and rhizomes from frost. Arisaema are happiest in soil conditions that are neutral to slightly acid. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms if possible and add plenty of grit and humus matter to the soil. Plant bulbs so that they are 10-15cms below the soil surface.

Can also look great if grown with martagon lilies, hostas or wood anemones.

Care tips:

Remember to mark the position you plant them in as they can easily get lost.

Using bulb starter or root grow when first planting will help them to establish for future years flowering.

Hardy in UK gardens.

Growing Information:

Flowering Height: 36-48″ (90-120cm)

Flowering period: July-August

Soil type: Humus rich soils that are free draining. Neutral to slightly acid preferred.

Aspect: Semi shaded woodland areas.

Scented: No significant scent.

Planting Depth: 10-15cms

Spacing: 10-15cms apart.

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