Eremurus Linedance


Majestic summer plant with a spike of white flowers. Eremurus are truly spectacular plants and are also known as foxtail lilies.

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Majestic summer plant with a spike of white flowers. Eremurus linedance is a truly spectacular plant, also known as foxtail lilies. They prefer a sunny spot in borders but Eremurus linedance need to be sheltered from high winds or staked if that is not possible. Very attractive to bees and pollinating insects so a welcomed addition to the garden.

Cultivation Instructions

Before planting cultivate the soil to a depth of 20-25cms and dig in organic matter (if available) to provide food when they are growing. Create a shallow planting round hole 15-20cm (6-8in) deep and wider than the eremurus to be planted. The centre of the eremurus crown should be positioned on the centre of the crown on a mound of coarse grit, sharp sand or soil, so that the central growing point is just below the soil surface. If planting in clumps space the crowns 30-90cm (1-3ft) depending on the size and type of cultivar. Ensure soils are well drained and do not dry out in the summer.

Care tips:

Work well when grown in the back of borders or as a centre piece in the garden.

Feed regularly during the growing season with high potash and phosphate foods such as  bone meal or tomato food.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 150cm (5ft)

Flowering Period: June/July

Aspect: Full sun if possible although they will be ok in partial shade.

Soil type: Free draining light, humus rich soils

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: Crown of eremurus 5cms below soil surface. Legs can be planted deeper.

Planting distance: 30-90cms (12-36″)

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For more growing instructions see Tims Tips on youtube

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