Dahlia Gallery Singer


Dahlia Gallery Singer is a dwarf dahlia with bright red flowers contrasted by luscious green foliage.

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Dahlia Gallery Singer is a dwarf dahlia with bright red flowers contrasted by luscious green foliage. As a dwarf Dahlia, Gallery singer is ideal for containers because of its compact growth. This is a stunning dahlia and accordingly Dahlia Gallery Singer is also suited for all garden types. Dahlias provide ideal colour for any garden and are easy to grow. Just protect young shoots from slugs and snails.

Growing Instructions

Plant Indoors: Dahlia tubers are best started off indoors from January to March. Once the fear of frosts has passed they can be planted out into the garden or containers. This is usually towards the end of April but can be earlier in the south and in coastal areas.

Plant Outdoors: Alternatively they can be planted direct into the garden when the soil has warmed up and the fearĀ  of all frosts have passed. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and plant tubers so that the top of the tuber is 5cms below the soil surface. Soils are best manured in the winter, as the young roots do not like fresh manure around them.

Feed dahlias regularly through out the growing season to ensure a healthy plant with plenty of flowers. When feeding use a tomato feed, bone meal or well rotted compost.

Care Tips

Ideal for encouraging pollinating insects to your garden.

Remove dead flower heads to ensure a summer of flowers and remember to feed during the leaf and flower stage with something like bone meal or tomorite.

See our article on dahlias here

Growing information

Flowering Height: 20-24″ (50-70cm)

Flowering Period: July to first frosts.

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils, in heavier soils add grit to help with drainage.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun.

Planting distance: 30-60cm

Planting Depth: Ensure a minimum of 5cms soil above the tuber to a maximum of 10cms

Can also be grown in containers.

Visit tims tips dahlias on you tube for further growing advice.


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