8 February, 2019 — Growing instructions

Container Planting

Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Splish Splash

What pot?

The larger the pot for container planting the better, although of course bulbs can be adapted to plant in any sized container.  Wooden containers offer the best insulation in frosty areas, whilst clay, stone and even lined willow baskets and plastic pots are suitable in all but the most severe winter weather.

A vast choice and range of materials for containers are available in an even larger array of different shapes and sizes.  When looking at putting bulbs into containers it is often better to select the bulb or bulbs that you will be planting into the containers and then select the type, size and shape of the pot to fit in with your bulb selection.

Pots/containers are ideal for transforming any area into a vibrant colourful aspect.

Growing bulbs in containers

This is an ideal way to grow a wide range of bulbs, especially if you have a small garden.  When planting in containers you should ensure that each container has adequate drainage holes and that a good quality potting compost is used for planting the bulbs in.  Bulbs with different planting depths can be planted in layers in the same pot.

When using layered planting, either choose bulb varieties that will bring a spread of flowering or a number of varieties that will flower together and compliment each other. Which ever way you choose, use the select option on our site to select the bulbs that are most suited for container growing.

Tips for container planting

Bulbs really do not like sitting in very wet compost so it is essential to ensure that the containers/pots have adequate drainage to prevent this happening. You are also able to ignore planting distances when planting in pots and can plant as many bulbs as the container will allow (just ensure that they are not touching each other). You should also remember that pots and containers must be protected from hard frosts as they have more surface area that is exposed to such conditions. For protection either insert some bubble wrap around the inside of the pot when planting them up or wrap them with insulating material during the winter months.