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  • Anemone blanda mixed

    Anemone blanda mixed


    This is a superb mixture of colours of blanda varieties of blue shades, pink and white flowers. The mixture of colours of blanda varieties are just superb.

  • Camassia quamash

    Camassia quamash


    The flowers of camassia quamash are a bright violet-blue growing on stems that are 60cm tall.

  • Chionodoxa luciliae alba

    Chionodoxa luciliae alba


    The flowers of Chionodoxa luciliae alba are a pure white. Its dwarf growing habitat is ideal for covering those areas under trees and shrubs that are bare.

  • Chionodoxa super mix

    Chionodoxa Super Mix


    At Direct Bulbs we mix them by hand so we know you will get some of each! The colours of blue, violet and white are a great balance and will stand out in any garden environment.

  • Crocus chrysanthus tommasinianus AGM

    Crocus chrysanthus tommasinianus AGM


    This is one of the first crocus to flower in the spring. The flowers of crocus tommasianianus are an attractive cobalt-lavender.

  • Crocus specie Ard Schenk


    Crocus Ard Schenk will naturalise from year to year, pure white with a yellow centre.

  • Crocus specie Blue Pearl AGM


    Blue Pearl is a well established and popular specie crocus with flowers of a light lobelia blue with a bronze-yellow base.

  • crocus romance

    Crocus specie Romance


    The flowers of crocus romance are a pale creamy yellow with a bronze/green base and also flower earlier in January/February.

  • Eranthis cilicica

    Eranthis cilicica


    Eranthis cilicica or winter aconites have deep yellow flowers and will flower February to March.

  • Eranthis hyemalis AGM

    Eranthis hyemalis AGM


    Eranthis hyemalis has flowers of bright yellow and is one of the earliest flowering eranthis.

  • Erythronium dens canis AGM

    Erythronium dens canis AGM


    With pale pink flowers, dens canis has attractive green and brown mottled foliage.

  • Garden Hyacinth Collection


    A great mixture of garden hyacinths which will bring fragrance into the garden in March

  • Hyacinth Prepared Aiolos


    white fragrant hyacinth, excellent for pots. We supply large grade bulbs which is the key to success.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Aqua


    Grow for Christmas flowers with a gorgeous fragrance

  • Hyacinth Prepared Blue Pearl


    Prepared Hyacinth Blue Pearl is a superb deep blue hyacinth which is ideal for growing in pots or bowls or hyacinth glasses.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Pink Pearl


    Pink Pearl has deep hydrangea pink blooms and is one of the best pink hyacinths.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Scarlet Pearl


    This is a superb hyacinth that is has gorgeous deep red/scarlet flowers.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Woodstock


    Fabulous beetroot purple flowers make this the ideal hyacinth to grow for Christmas displays.

  • Ipheion Alberto Castillo

    Ipheion Alberto Castillo


    Pure white flowers make this ipheion a lovely variety that goes well with Charlotte Bishop.

  • Ipheion Charlotte Bishop

    Ipheion Charlotte Bishop


    Charlotte Bishop has lovely soft pinky mauve flowers with a darker stripe down the centre of each petal.

  • Ipheion Rolf Fiedler AGM

    Ipheion Rolf Fiedler AGM


    Attractive electric blue flowers make this variety great for the alpine house.

  • Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Blue Hill


    Dwarf Iris Blue Hill can be grown in most aspects and soil types including of course containers

  • Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Carolina


    Dwarf iris flowering in February to March. Ideal in containers and the front of borders

  • Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Harmony

    Iris Dwarf/Reticulata Harmony


    A classic dwarf iris with royal blue falls with yellow blotches.

  • Ixia Jessie

    Ixia Jessie


    Jessie is a lovely ixia with rose pink flowers that have an orange glow.

  • Ixia Spotlight

    Ixia Spotlight


    Creamy yellow flowers that are flushed with red make Spotlight a fantastic flower ideal for cutting.

  • Ixia Jessie

    Ixia super mixture


    A great mixture of colours make a lovely colour combination.

  • Ixia Venus

    Ixia Venus


    Rich dark wine red flower make Venus stunning especially as a cut flower.

  • Muscari armeniacum AGM


    Muscari armeniacum are also known as grape hyacinths and this lovely lobelia blue variety is great for naturalising.

  • Muscari plumosum

    Muscari plumosum


    This muscari is so different to the other varieties with feathery purpley violet plumes.

  • Scilla bifolia


    Scilla bifolia is often known as the ‘Alpine Squill’ and makes a great garden plant.

  • Scilla bifolia Rosea


    Scilla bifolia Rosea is often known as the ‘Alpine Squill’ and makes a great garden plant.

  • Scilla siberica

    Scilla siberica


    Scilla siberica makes a great naturalising plant with its delicate flowers of sky blue.

  • Scilla siberica Alba


    A very easy to grow bulb that are great for naturalising.

  • Sparaxis tricolour mixture


    Sparaxis is often known as the Harlequin Flower and this mix has a range of colours.

  • Triteleia Corinna

    Triteleia Corinna


    Triteleia used to be known as Brodiaea and make great garden flowes are they are multiheaded with up to 25 flowers on a stem.

  • Tulip Specie bakeri Lilac Wonder AGM


    Lilac Wonder has flowers of exterior light purple and the inner petals are a lighter purple. The outer base is yellow and inside lemon yellow.

  • Tulip Specie batalini Bronze Charm

    Tulip Specie batalini Bronze Charm


    Batalini Bronze Charm has yellow flowers which are flushed bronze/yellow. Ideal for containers and rockeries

  • Tulip Specie clusiana

    Tulip Specie clusiana


    With white petals striped with a bold red on the outside of the petals, Tulip specie clusiana is just beautiful.

  • Tulip Specie humilis Albocaerulea


    Humilis Albocaerulea has flowers that are white with a steel blue base. Great for growing in containers and rockeries.