Vitax Liquid Seaweed Stimulant 500ml


A liquid seaweed that stimulates vigourous healthy growth for all plants.

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Vitax Liquid Seaweed is a liquid stimulant which is ideal for the healthy growth of plants, flowers and vegetables. Using vitax liquid Seaweed regularly will help plants with stress, pest and disease attack.

Product Description:

Nitrogen encourages strong growth and rich green foliage.

Slow release phosphate promotes vigorous root development.

The potash helps improve flower colour and the ripening of fruit and vegetables.

Blood, Fish and Bone can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as required throughout the growing season.

  • Treated plants will grow a better root system
  • Improved uptake of nutrients and water
  • Treated plants establish better and have improved natural vigour

Works well especially when used in conjunction with root grow or bulb starter both recommended by the RHS 

Box Contains:

1 x 500ml


Recommended for all bulbs before and during the growing season. Read manufacturers instructions for specific details.

When ordered with bulbs it will be dispatched with the order.

When ordered out of season by itself or with other hard goods we can dispatch immediately


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