Veltheimia Rosabella


The flowers of Veltheimia are a lovely light pink and look quite exquisite. They are easy to grow and will produce stunning flowers.

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Rosabella is a new velthemia to us with lovely light pink flowers. This variety is not often offered but is quite an easy plant to grow. Can be grown indoors in the conservatory or in a greenhouse. Rosabella will produce a dense spike with long tubular flowers and shiny dark green leaves. Treat the bulbs as you would do an hippeastrum but cover with soil up to the neck of the bulb,

Growing Instructions

Plant in bulb compost when growing indoors. Will survive in the pot over winter in well drained soils and if a layer of mulch is applied over winter.

Growing Information

Aspect: Indoors, conservatory or Greenhouse

Soil type: Indoor bulb compost


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