Tulip Special Mixture of Mid to Late Flowering Varieties 50 for £10


Superb season offer 50 Bulbs for £10 A range of colours Mid to Late Flowering tulip Varieties,

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Fantastic season offer of Mid to Late Flowering tulip Varieties, a fantastic range of colours to brighten any spring garden. Tulips are easy to grow and will produce fantastic colour for your garden or when grown in tubs/containers. This Fantastic season offer should not be missed.

Full growing instructions provided and top size bulbs supplied, we can do this offer as our tulip harvest has been good this year.

Cultivation instructions

Tulips are very showy and are ideal for bringing colour to your garden. They work really well with many other flowering bulbs and with perennials.  They prefer soils that are free draining and of a ph neutral to alkaline. In heavy soils such as clay add grit or well rotted humus matter to help with drainage. In sandy soils add organic matter to help with fertility.

Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and plant tulips 15cms deep and 10cms apart. They look best when planted in groups of 10 or more. When planting in containers the planting depth can be reduced to 10cms and planting distance 5cms if required.

Protect early growth in the spring from slugs and snails and remove dead heads after flowering to get the best from them.  Ideal foods are well rotted manures, tomato feed and bone meal.

Care tips:

Best to plant tulips when the ground starts to cool down which is often in October. They work really well with annuals and with dutch iris and the later Lily flowering tulips.

Remember to lift tulips at the end of the season. Only the big bulbs should be kept to flower for the following year. Tulips are often treated as annuals as flowering performance the following year is never as good.

Lifted bulbs should be kept in a cool dark place for the summer before re-planting in the Autumn period.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: Various 35-60cm

Flowering Period: March to May

Aspect: Ideal in full sun but does work in partial shade.

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils.

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: 15cms

Spacing: 10cms apart.

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards


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