Trillium luteum AGM


The foliage of Luteum is erect and mottled with flowers that are a pale yellow green, lemon and scented.

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Trillium luteum is also known as Lemon Toad shade. The foliage of trillium luteum is erect and mottled with flowers that are a pale yellow green, lemon and scented.

AGM = Award of Garden Merit given by the RHS

Cultivation instruction

Indoor Planting: N/A

Plant outside: Before planting cultivate soils to a depth of 10cms at least and add well rotted humus matter to poor soils. Plant the rhizomes about 5cms deep length ways. They will grow well in a peat bed. Once planted they are best left undisturbed for a number of years and they will gradually build up into large clumps. They can be shy flowering in the first year so be patient and let them establish themselves.

Division – Established clumps can be lifted and divided as the foliage dies back. Ensure each piece of rhizome has at least one bud and some roots. Lateral buds can be encouraged by scoring. To do this, scrape back the soil after flowering and score around the base of the terminal bud with a sharp knife. By the following year this will often result in several lateral buds or offsets that can be detached and grown on.

Trilliums are ideal for shady places, especially amongst deciduous trees and like cool moist growing conditions, with good drainage and plenty of leaf mould. Ideal to plant with snowdrops, martagon lilies, anemone nemerosa.

Care Tips:

Keep soils moist in the first year to help them establish.

Use root grow to help the rhizomes develop root growth quicker.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 12″ (30cm)

Flowering period: April-May

Soil type: Well drained, woodland soils. (well rotted leaf mould)

Aspect: Prefer full sun but also suited to semi shade.

Scented: Yes

Planting distance: 10cms between plants.

Planting depth: A depth of 5cms above the top of the tuber.

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