Tomato Starter


Five active components contained in a clever simple to use biscuit to give your tomatoes the best start.

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Tomato Starter and Basket Starter and both designed around a new easy planting ‘biscuit’ concept. These formats are extensions to the successful Bulb Starter product. The ‘biscuit’ is formed from compressed coir fibre derived from sustainable coconut processing and is peat free.
The ‘biscuit’ contains a range of active biology and slow release balanced fertilisers. When watered, the ‘biscuit’ will swell up to 5 times its original size and all the beneficial microbes will start to grow, bringing the compost to life. The other components will provide a steady release of nutrients and trace elements for up to four months whilst the water retaining crystals will help prevent your compost from drying out. Clever and oh so simple!
Using a few Tomato Starter biscuits whilst planting is the perfect and easy way to get the absolute best from your tomatoes, salads and vegetables.

When planting your grow bag simply place a Tomato Starter biscuit in the base of the hole for your new plant, then continue to plant as normal and water well. Tomato starter can also be used when planting into soil outdoors.

Single pots up to 3 ltrs 1 biscuit
For larger pots 1 biscuit per 5 litre compost
Grow bags 1 biscuits per young plant
Vegetable patch 1 biscuits per young plant

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