Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Stormcloud


Another stunning variety from this group with flowers of bluish purple and a large white central blotch.

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Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Stormcloud is a superb and distinct variety with flowers that are purple and have a large central white blotch.

Techophilaea are cormous herbaceous perennials with linear-lance-shaped basal leaves and 1-2 funnel-shaped, vivid blue or violet. Often white-throated flowers in spring

Cultivation Instructions

Techophilaea cyanocrocus fairly easy to grow but will need to be protected from frost if grown outside. They are grown in Alpine houses but are also very suited to rockeries. Soils should be free draining and reasonably fertile and they are happy in acid to neutral soils.

Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs 5cms deep. In subsequent years remove the offsets and these, in time will also produce flowers. Smaller bulbs like these will benefit from bulb starter on planting.

AGM = Awarded a Garden Merit by the RHS as it is easy to grow and a great garden variety.

Growing Information

Flowering height: 4″ (10cm)

Flowering time: March – April

Aspect: Full sun in a sheltered part of the garden.

Soil type: All well drained soils, in heavier soils add grit to help drainage. When potting use equal amounts of a loam based compost and sharp sand.

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