Sunflower (Helianthus) Giant Single


Sunflower Giant single is as the name suggests a giant in the sunflower world growing up to 200cms tall.

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Sunflower Giant single is as the name suggests a giant in the sunflower world growing up to 200cms tall. The superb yellow flowers of sunflower Giant single are just superb and of course the seeds can be harvested after flowering if required. Sunflowers can also be cut and used to bring colour into the home. Early sowing of seeds need to be done under cover and then planted out when established. Mid to late season sowings can be made direct into the soil.

Height: 200 cms

Nutritional values: N/A

Pack size: Approximately 50 seeds

Cultivation Instructions:

Sowing Indoors: Early sowing can be done from March. Sow seeds indoors individually in 7.5cm (3″) pots at 20-25°C (68-77°F). When well grown, gradually acclimatise the young plants to outdoor conditions before planting out after the risk of frost has gone. Plant in a well-drained soil in full sun.

Sow/Plant outdoors: Plant directly into soils after the fear of frosts have gone which is normally mid May onwards. Sow seed thinly, 12mm (1/2″) deep in drills 45cm (18″) apart in well cultivated soil raked to a fine tilth. Germination usually takes 15-21 days. When large enough to handle, thin to 45cm (18″) apart.

Do not plant if soils are waterlogged.

Handy Tips:

Plants may need staking in exposed areas. When flowers have faded, hang flower heads by strings to feed the birds.

Keep slugs and snails away from young plants.

Germination should take place 12-15 days after planting and Sunflowers will flower 12-14 weeks later. This is a half hardy annual but will provide some great flowers.

Growing Information:

Soil type: Free draining light soils that are humus rich.

Aspect: Full sun but also ok in partial shade.

Position: Prefer open planting in sunny areas.

Flowers: July to September.

Full growing instructions provided on each pack.


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