Stay Wet Water absorption crystals


Stay wet are fast acting water absorbent granules,

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Stay Wet Water absorption crystals. Fast acting water absorbent granules, Stay Wet can rapidly absorb hundreds of times their own volume of water, acting as a reservoir for plant roots growing in treated media. 200g pot.

Its rapid action ensures minimum water loss during watering and re-watering.

Stay Wet water absorption crystals are ideal for use in hanging baskets and planters.  Mix with compost at planting time. Crystals absorb and release moisture.

Stay Wet can be added to dry compost or pre-wetted as a gel. If pre-hydrating, place the contents of the sachet in a bucket and add 1.5 litres of water before stirring.

In addition to usage in hanging baskets and planters, Stay Wet can be used in growbags, or used in the garden for new tree or shrub plantings in containers. Use in conjunction with basket starter

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