Sparaxis tricolour mixture


Sparaxis is often known as the Harlequin Flower and this mix has a range of colours.

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Sparaxis Tricolour is an unbelievable range of colours from yellow through to crimson and deep oranges. They are also known as the Harlequin flower. S. tricolor is a cormous perennial with narrow, upright leaves to 30cm long. In spring and early summer it produces stems, to about 45cm, bearing small clusters of red, orange or purple, widely-funnel-shaped flowers with yellow centres surrounded by black or dark red marks

Cultivation instruction

Indoor Planting: For the best effect grow outside for summer colour.

Plant outside: Sparaxis tricolour are easy to grow when planted in a sunny position and are ideal for growing in the rockery. They are also suited for borders and in free draining soil can be left undisturbed for many years. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs 5-8cms deep and 5cms apart in groups of 10 or more for the best effect. Ensure soils remain moist but do not over water until the shoots appear.  Add bonemeal or root grow when planting.

Grow in containers, tubs and borders.

Care Tips:

Remove spent flower stems and allow foliage to die down naturally.

Pests and disease, this variety is generally problem free.

Keep soils moist in the first year to help them establish.

Use root grow to help the bulbs develop root growth quicker.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 10-12″ (25-30cm)

Flowering period: July to August

Soil type: All well drained soils, in heavier soils add grit to aide drainage.

Aspect: Full sun preferred but will work well in semi sun.

Scented: N/A

Planting distance: 5-10cms between bulbs.

Planting depth: 5-8cms

Full growing instructions also provided


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