Scilla siberica Alba


A very easy to grow bulb that are great for naturalising.

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Scilla siberica Alba is the pure form of Scilla siberica. The flowers of scilla siberica Alba are a soft white and will look stunning when grown in shady area or in containers. A very easy to grow bulb that are great for naturalising.

Scillas are also known as the squills and are mostly blue in colour although we do have some lovely whites.

The scilla family of spring-blooming bulbs includes some of the best bulbs for naturalizing. When planted beneath shrubs and shade trees, in woodlands and beside streams and ponds, they multiply quickly and will give you waves of color year after year.

AGM = Awarded a Garden merit by the RHS for their all round good garden performance.

Cultivation Instructions

Scillas can be grown in many areas of the garden but really prefer the hotter spots were they will get plenty of sun. Soils should be fertile and not prone to drying out. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs 10cms deep and 10cms apart, best effect is from groups of 3 or more. Can be left to naturalise from year to year but do not forget to feed them during the leaf and flower stage.

Growing Information

Flowering height:  5″ 13cm)

Flowering time: March-April

Aspect: As much sun as possible

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils that do not dry out

Planting Depth: 10cms

Planting distance: 8-10cms apart

Care Tips:

When scillas have finished flowering, it is important to let the foliage continue growing until it has lost its green color and fades away. Bulbs use their foliage to generate energy for next year’s flowers. Once the foliage has died back it can be removed. Bulbs such as scilla will stay dormant underground until they begin growing again the next spring

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