Sanguinaria canadensis


Sanguinaria are also known as bloodroot because they contain orange red sap, this variety has single petalled flowers.

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Sanguinaria canadensis produce lovely daisy like flowers that are pure white. The petals are very narrow, sitting atop reddish stems. The flowers will appear over a period of a month or so with each one lasting 4-8 days. Sanguinaria are also known as bloodroot due the colour of the sap which is reddish orange.

Sanguinaria are rhizomatous herbaceous perennials with kidney-shaped, lobed blue-green leaves and cup-shaped white flowers opening with the leaves in spring.

Cultivation Instructions

They prefer to be grown in shady areas but will also survive in sunny areas. The key is to ensure the soil remains moist but well drained. Cultivate soils to a depth of 10cms and plant the rhizomes length ways about 5cms deep. These rhizomes will benefit from the use of bulb starter or root grow. The rhizomes can be divided in the Autumn when they are dormant but ensure you wear gloves as the sap from the rhizomes can be quite poisonous if ingested.

Growing Information

Flowering height: 4-6″ (10-15cm)

Flowering time: March- April

Aspect: Prefer the shady parts of the garden although will grow in sunny parts

Soil type: Free draining humus rich soils that do not dry out

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