We continually use this to help the rapid development of the root system of all the bulbs we plant and as such highly recommend it.

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We use root grow because it helps the rapid development of the root system of the bulbs. Root grow is recommended by the The Royal Horticultural society because of its health benefits to bulbs. Make a paste by adding water to the granules and dip the bulbs into the paste.

We recommend rootgrow when growing all bulbs especially Arisaema’s, snowdrops, specie tulips and trillium’s.

Product Description:

Mycorrhiza fungi are essential for the good growth of the root systems in bulbs because it encourages root development. In essence these stronger roots will find new sources of nutrients and water. Larger secondary root systems will Increases the nutrient flow to the plant over its entire lifetime. In essence the treatment of bulbs will result in ‘stronger healthier plants.’ Planting bulbs with root grow Mycorrhiza fungi is a superb way to get improved bulb establishment, natural vigour and ultimately flowering and fruiting.

  • Treated plants will grow a huge secondry root system
  • Improved uptake of nutrients and water
  • One treatment lasts the lifetime of the plant
  • Helps overcome replant problems
  • Treated plants establish better and have improved natural vigou

Box Contains:

1 x 150g rootgrow pouch containing granular mycorrhizal fungi


Especially recommended for Arisaema’s, lilies, gladioli, snowdrops, specie tulips, trillium’s and begonias – should treat as manufacturers instructions.

If ordered with bulbs it will be dispatched with the order.

If ordered out of season by itself or with other hard goods we can dispatch immediately

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