Nerine Isabel


Nerines are very majestic and are excellent for cut flower.

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Nerine Isabel has flowers that are a lovely deep pink, and very vigorous. The bulbs of Nerine Isabel should be planted immediately on arrival in a sunny well drained position in the garden. Nerines are very majestic and are excellent for cut flower. This variety is not fully frost hardy and as such should be protected from frosts in the winter by mulching.

AGM = Awarded a Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society

Cultivation Instructions

Outdoor Planting: Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms, in heavy soils add grit and or humus matter to help with drainage. Plant bulbs with the neck of the bulb just showing above the soil, in a sunny well drained position. For best results leave undisturbed for a number of years as they will flower better when they are quite crowded. Nerines will eventually need to be divided every 4-6 years so check out our cultural instructions on the blog or give us a call.

Feed with bone meal or similar during the flowering period to ensure they remain health for years to come. Plant in areas that are not exposed to the worst of the elements and in soils that have not been freshly manured. Regularly feed during the growing season with foods such as well rotted manures, Tomato feed and bone meal.

Care tips:

Keep well fed during the growing season and if possible mulch borders with well rotted manure or compost over the winter.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 20-24″ (50-60cm)

Flowering period: September-October

Soil type: Rich well drained soil.

Aspect: South Facing at the base of walls or fences would be ideal.

Scented: N/A

Planting Depth: So tip of bulb is just visible above the soil surface

Spacing: 5-10ms apart.

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