Muscari macrocarpum


A lovely golden yellowish green muscari that is highly fragrant.

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Lovely yellowish green flowers that are very fragrant. This is a very distinct form of muscari and a quite exceptional flower as it is highly fragranced and has very unique colouring

Muscari are also suitable for growing in containers especially when planted with tulips or daffodils. Macrocarpum is perfect in front borders, rockeries, pots and containers and is very popular due to it’s lovely yellowish green flowers. They are spectacular when allowed to naturalize under trees or along walkways.

The name muscari derives its name from the word musk, named for it’s slight fragrance although macrocarpum has one of the strongest fragrances of the species.

Cultivation instructions

Before planting your bulbs cultivate soils to a depth of 20 to 30cms and plant bulbs 15cms deep and 10-15cms apart. In heavier soils add grit and or humus matter to help with drainage.  Muscari can be left to naturalise and as such can be left undisturbed for many years. Feed during the flowering and leaf stage with something like bone meal, well rotted compost or similar.

Protect early growth in the spring from slugs and snails and remove dead heads after flowering to prolong flowering period.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 6″ (15cm)

Flowering Period: March-April

Soil type: Free draining fertile soils that do not get water logged.

Aspect: Prefer a semi shade location but they will also grow well in full sun.

Planting Depth: 15cms

Spacing: 10-15cms apart.

Full growing instructions provided.

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