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Lily of the Valley is a highly scented plant that produces stems of white nodding flowers.

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This is a very fragrant variety, producing stems of white nodding flowers. Lily of the valley is best when grown in fertile humus rich soils that are free draining, in heavier soils add grit to the soil and mix in well. The ideal position to grow Lily of the valley is in the sheltered parts of the garden in partial to full sun. Convallaria will multiply easily once planted and settled in. For added protection over winter mulch well. Protect young growth from slugs and snails.

Cultivation Instructions

Indoor Planting: N/A

Outdoor Planting: Lily of the valley will perform very well with early flowering perennials and are also popular with bees and butterflies. It will naturalise very well in most well drained soils. This variety will with stand some water logging of the soil. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and plant rhizomes with the growing tip 5cms below the soil surface.

Feed with bone meal or similar during the flowering period to ensure they remain health for years to come. Plant in areas that are not exposed to the worst of the elements and in soils that have not been freshly manured. Regularly feed during the growing season with foods such as well rotted manures, Tomato feed and bone meal.

Care tips:

Keep well fed during the growing season and if possible mulch borders with well rotted manure or compost over the winter.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 10″ (25cm)

Flowering period: April-May

Soil type: Rich well drained soil.

Aspect: Sheltered site in semi shade to full sun, a strong grower.

Scented: Fragrant.

Planting Depth: Plant rhizomes so that the eye is 5cms below soil surface.

Spacing: 5-10ms apart.

Our tip: Can be used for Cut Flower and flower arrangements.

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