Hemerocallis Cute As Can Be


Hemerocallis Cute As Can Be has double flowers coloured lavender pink with a yellow eye.

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Hemerocallis Cute As Can Be has double flowers coloured lavender pink with a yellow eye.  Each flower lasts only one day – hence the name Day Lily – but the large exotic looking flowers of Hemerocallis Cute As Can Be just keep on coming throughout the summer months. They are such superb garden plants and are invaluable for the summer garden because of the colour they add. Plant amongst shrubs. in borders or containers for a superb showing of colour. Commonly known as Day Lilies! Hemerocallis are easy to grow and best left undisturbed for a number of years to let them bulk up.

Cultivation instruction

Plant Indoors: They are at their best when grown outside.

Plant outside: They prefer a light well-drained soil. In heavy soils, just add grit and sand to lighten it up. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and add some well rotted manure or granular fertiliser to the soil when cultivating. Plant them 5-10cms below the soil surface. Cover with soil and firm around bulbs to keep them in place. Avoid planting them in areas of heavy shade or in soils that dry out during the summer months. Leave to establish for a few years and protect from winter frosts by covering them in a couple of inches of mulch over winter.

Care Tips:

Can be left to bulk up and naturalise for many years.

Plant with summer flowering lilies and or Dahlias for a mass of colour in the summer.

Growing information

Height: 3-4 feet (90-120cm)

Flowering period: July-September

Soil Type: They prefer well drained fertile soil but will also tolerate poor soils and heavy clay soils.

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade

Fragrant: N/A

Planting distance: 10cms

Planting depth: 5-10cms.

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