Gladioli Nymph


Gladiolius Nymph is a pure white dwarf variety with distinctive red markings.

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Nymph will produce pure white flowers with red markings in its throat. A really good variety for cut flower growers as its colour works very well in most colour schemes. If you want to extend the season of flowering plant the gladioli at regular intervals from March to April. They are hardy In all but the colder parts of the garden and UK. Accordingly they be left undisturbed to flower the following years. Cultivate the soil to a depth of 20cm and plant 10cm deep and 8cm apart in soil that is fertile and well drained. When flower spikes are 15cm tall add a high potash fertiliser such as bone meal. Ideal for cut flower.

Soil type: Free draining well manured soils

Height: 2-3 feet (60-90cm)

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun in the warmer parts of the garden.



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