Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells


The creamy white form of persica, Ivory Bells is a rare fritillaria.

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Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells has flowers that are creamy white.  The flower stems of these varieties are also quite a feature This is a form of fritillaria persica and naturalise really well. They prefer the sunny areas of the garden that do not dry out in the growing season.

Fritillaria persica is a Middle Eastern species of flowering plant in the lily family Liliaceae, native to southern TurkeyIranIraqLebanonSyriaPalestine and IsraelThe Latin specific epithet persica means “Persian”, referring to the modern country of Iran.

Cultivation Instructions

Before planting cultivate the soil to a depth of 30cm and ensure soils are well drained and do not dry out in the summer.  Plant in well-drained, humus rich solid and they can be left undisturbed for a number of years.  Add some grit or organic matter to the soil to help aid drainage.

Care tips:

Sunny areas of the garden ideally not in direct sunlight.  Once they have finished flowering allow the stems to die back and remove debris. In general plant the bulbs three times their height deep.

Feed regularly during the growing season with high potash and phosphate foods such as  bone meal or tomato food.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 2-3 feet (60-90cm)

Flowering Period: April

Aspect: Sunny to semi shade aspect.

Soil type: Free draining light, humus rich soils with added organic matter if possible.

Planting Depth: Approximately 8-12 inches below soil surface.

Planting distance: 8-12″ apart (20-30cm)

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