Erythronium revolutum


Originating from Western USA, revolutum has attractive large rose pink flowers.

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Erythronium revolutum is a lovely species variety that will flourish in moist, shady conditions very similar to those found on the outskirts of a woodland area. Revolutum is native to the west coast of North America and has lightly mottled leaves with pink to pale purple flowers.  Erythronium revolutum is cultivated as an ornamental plant, for use in traditional and natural gardens. Its combination of attractively patterned leaves and graceful flowers in mid spring make it a desirable plant.

Plant tubers immediately on arrival approximately 3 inches deep in good well drained soil. They make excellent woodland plants as they enjoy semi-shaded conditions.

Cultivation Instructions

Cultivate soils to a depth of 4-5″ (10-12cm) then add humus and grit to ensure good drainage.  Plant bulbs 2-3″ (6-9cm) deep and water in well.

Enhance the soil with a light covering of leaf mulch or similar. During the first 6 months make sure that the soil does not dry out. However be careful not to overwater. After this time they can be left alone to naturalise.

Aspect: Woodland type areas and plant immediately on arrival in well drained soil. Enhance the nutrient content of the soil by adding bonemeal.

Soil type: Plant 5-7cms deep.


Growing Information

Flowering height: 6″ (15cm)

Flowering time: April

Aspect: Semi shade

Soil type: Humus rich soils that are free draining

Remember to feed well during the leaf and flowering stage to ensure they grow and bulk up well for subsequent years growth.

New season top quality bulbs delivered from September onwards

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