Erythronium albidum


Erythronium albidum makes an ideal woodland plant that flowers in March.

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Erythronium albidum is also known as the ‘White Trout Lily’. The white flowers are often tinged violet with a yellow centre and have bright green foliage with brownish-red mottling.  It is native to eastern North America, from southern Quebec and southern Manitoba south to Georgia and Texas.

Erythronium albidum is mostly found in large groups on the forest floor, often in areas following ground disturbance. Its preferred growing conditions are in part sun to mostly shade and deep, moist loamy soils.

It is also known as adder’s tongue, dog’s-tooth violet, serpent’s tongue, trout lily, deer tongue, and yellow snowdrop.

European settlers considered it to have similar properties to meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale), and white fawnlily was often used as a substitute for it. The plant was listed in the Pharmacopoeia of the United States from 1820-1863 as a treatment for gout.

Some believe that wounds will be healed if the plant is soaked in cold water, then removed and wrapped it in cloth and applied to a wound or bruise. It is left there until the bundle is warm, and then removed and buried in a muddy place.

Cultivation Instructions

Aspect: Semi shade in woodland type areas and are best planted immediately on arrival. Plant in well drained soil that is fertile and in a semi-shaded area. Add bonemeal to enhance the nutrient content of the soil.

Soil type: Plant 5-7cms deep.

Growing Information

Flowering height: 4″ (10cm)

Flowering time: March

New season top quality bulbs supplied from September onwards

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