Dicentra spectabilis AGM


Dicentra spectabilis is a superb garden plant and has masses of pink flowers on slender gracefully arching stems.

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Dicentra spectabilis or Bleeding Heart are also commonly known as Lady in the Bath. This is a superb garden plant and Dicentra spectabilis will produce masses of pink flowers on slender gracefully arching stems.

AGM = Award of Garden Merit by the RHS

Cultivation instruction

Plant Indoors: They are at their best when grown outside.

Plant outside: They prefer a light well-drained soil. In heavy soils, just add grit and sand to lighten it up. Cultivate soils to a depth of 20cms and add some well rotted manure or granular fertiliser to the soil when cultivating. Plant the roots so that the tops are 8 to 10cms below the soil surface. Cover with soil and firm around roots gently as roots can easily be broken. Leave to establish for a few years and then In subsequent years they can be divided in late autumn or early spring. Best left to naturalise for a number of years, they are winter hardy but would benefit from mulching over winter. Regularly feed during the growing season with foods such as are well rotted manures, Tomato feed and bone meal or tomato food will provide food for continued flowering.

Care Tips:

Read our article on growing bulbs for naturalising

Our tip: Ideal to grow with companion plants such as trumpet lilies or oriental lilies or many types of shrubs.

Growing information

Flowering Height: 24-28″ (60-70cm)

Flowering period: April-June

Soil type: Light soils, however in heavier soils just add grit to give the drainage.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun

Scented: N/A

Planting distance: 50cm

Planting depth: A depth of 8-10cms above the rhizome.

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