Crocus chrysanthus Zwanenburg Bronze AGM

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A gorgeous variety that has saffron yellow heavily tinged with bronze on the outside. It is very reliable variety and free flowering crocus. They flower just after snowdrops so are ideal for a succession of spring colour. These crocus are some of the earliest bulbs to flower and as such they welcome in the spring after those long winter days. Plant in soil that is well drained. Specie crocus will naturalise really well and can be grown in most soils that are free draining. They are happy in full sun or semi shade in the borders, rockeries, under trees and shrubs and also superb in containers. Crocus like all bulbs need to be fed so if the soil is not fertile enough use bone meal or similar to feed during the leaf and flower stage.

Aspect: Semi shade to full sun

Soil type: All free draining fertile soils


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