Corydalis solida George Baker AGM


Corydalis George Baker standouts with its flowers of brick red that are flushed with violet and is a superb addition to the garden especially for rockeries.

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The flowers of Corydalis George Baker are brick red with the inside of the petals faintly flushed with bishop violet. Corydalis George Baker is amongst a number of corydalis that we offer. As such it is a very popular and useful plant to have in the garden. The tube shaped blossoms of corydalis therefore will stand out in any garden setting. In conclusion these are easy to grow plants and can be left undisturbed for a number of years to naturalise.

Cultivation Instructions:

Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and plant bulbs as per the growing information below. Ideally grown in soils that are humus rich and free draining. In heavier soils such as clay, cultivate the top layer of soil and add grit and well rotted humus which will help to provide the drainage that they need. They naturalise really well and will spread out to cover a wide area. A lovely group of bulbs that are ideal to grow in semi to full shade, in the borders/garden or in containers.

AGM= Awarded a Garden Meritby the Royal Horticultural Society.

Protect early growth in the spring from slugs and snails .  Ideal foods are well rotted manures, grass clippings, tomato feed and bone meal.

Care tips:

Remember to feed well during the leaf and flowering stage to ensure they grow and bulk up well for subsequent years growth. In cold winters mulch well over winter to protect from the severe frosts.

Small specie bulbs like these will benefit from using bulb starter when first planting although of course they will flourish without it as well.

They work really well when planted with snowdrops or specie crocus.

Growing Information:

Flowering Height: 8-10″ (20-25cm)

Flowering Period: March-April

Soil type: All free draining humus rich soils.

Aspect: Full sun or partial shade.

Scented: No significant scent.

Planting Depth: 5-8cms

Spacing: 4-6cms apart.

Full growing instructions provided.

New season bulbs will be dispatched from September onwards.


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