Copper Slug Tape


The young shoots of bulbs in particular are very prone to damage by slugs and snails and slug tape is an adhesive copper barrier tape for use on pot plants, planters and greenhouse staging. Contains copper tape and stretches up to 4 metres long.

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Copper slug tape is invaluable for the control of slugs and snails on the young shoots of bulbs. In particular the young shoots of bulbs  are very prone to damage by slugs and snails. Therefore by using a copper slug tape which adheres to the outside of pots is ideal.

Length of tape is 4m and 23mm wide.

Aspect: All parts of the garden that are prone to slugs and snails

Soil type: Works on all soils.

Consider using Bulb starter when planting bulbs and ensure bulbs are fed during the leaf and flower stage with Tomorite or Bonemeal.

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