Clarkia Double Delight


Clarkia Double Delight is a hardy annual which is a easy summer flowering variety to grow.

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Clarkia Double Delight is a hardy annual which is a easy summer flowering variety to grow. Each pack of Clarkia Double Delight has a wide colour range of double flowers. Best grown in bold clumps for the best effect.

Approximate seeds per pack: 1500

Cultivation Instructions:

Prepare a nursery bed well in advance, ensuring that it is weed free. Choose a time for sowing when the soil does not stick to your shoes but is moist below the surface and fairly dry on top. The soil should be crumbly and even. Rake the surface after a light treading.

Mark out drills in the nursery bed or mark out an area for scattering the seed to rake in afterwards.

Sow the seed by scattering over the prepared area and simply raking into the prepared beds. Water gently if the weather is dry for a period, but do not water too often as this will encourage the roots to form just below the surface and you will be watering all summer long to save your plants. Aim to encourage the root to look further down for water, and you will have a more relaxed summer and a finer show of flowers in the long run.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin to about 10cm (4″) apart. For best flowering, support the growing plants with twigs. and firm the soil around the bases.

Do not plant if soils are waterlogged.

Care Tips:

In sheltered areas sowing can be made in September to give flowers from late May the following year. Dead head regularly for continual flowering.

Grow with other flower seeds for a blaze of colour in the garden

Growing Information:

Height: 60cms (24″)

Plant: March to May

Aspect: Full sun to slight shade.

Soil type: Moist well cultivated soils that are well drained.

Flowers: July-September.

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