Carrot Flyaway


Carrot flyaway is a F1 variety and has a superb sweet flavour whether eaten raw or cooked.

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Carrot Flyaway is the first carrot bred to show a good tolerance to carrot fly. An easy variety to grow carrot flyaway has a very sweet flavour when eaten raw or cooked. An ideal crop to grow carrot flyaway will provide you with a fantastic crop of carrots.

Nutritional content: High in antioxidant beta-carotene which coverts to vitamin A in the body

Pack size: Approximately 500 Seeds

Cultivation Instructions:

Sowing Indoors:  N/A

Sow/Plant outdoors:  Cultivate soils to a depth of 15-20cms and rake the top surface to provide a fine crumb to plant the seeds into. Sow seeds from April to July, thinly and direct into the growing site. Plant seeds 2cm (¾””) deep in rows 30cm (12″”) apart. If possible sow carefully so that thinning is not necessary.

Carrot fly can be a problem as they are attracted by the smell whilst thinning.  Therefore to help with this thinning the seedlings in the early evening can help. Water before thinning and remove all the debris. Do not transplant. In conclusion when thinning aim for roots 5-7cm (2-3″”) apart.

Young Carrots can always be pulled alternately to ‘thin as you eat’.

For the best performance and yield keep well fed and watered over the growing months.

Do not plant if soils are waterlogged.

Handy Tips:

Early sowing can be made in a cold frame or under cloches. In mild areas, sow in October under cloches or frame for really early spring use.

If only carrot flyaway is grown and carrot flies are in the area the crop needs to be protected by a mesh. Alternatively grow carrot nantes as a sacrificial crop to draw away the flies.

Growing Information:

Soil type: Free draining light soils that are humus rich.

Aspect: Full sun but also ok in partial shade.

Position: Can be grown in tubs and containers and also open planting in vegetable beds.

Harvest: June to November.

Full growing instructions provided.

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