Bees and Butterflies Red and White


Ideal as a self purchase or as a gift to others. 30 bulbs for only £10



This is a fantastic collection of bulbs that are red and white and compliment each other attracting a whole range of insects including bees and butterflies. The collection for bees and butterflies has red and white bulbs which have been specifically chosen to work together and provide a food source for pollinating insects. Ideal as a self purchase or as a gift to others.

Collection contents 30 bulbs

1 Dahlia Wittemans Best

1 Dahlia Duet

16 Gladioli Traderhorn

12 Fressia White

General Instructions

Planting Outdoors. Cultivate soils to a depth of 15cms and add grit if drainage is a problem. Dahlias are not frost hardy and therefore should either be started off indoors or in a greenhouse and not planted out until late April/ May or early June depending on your location in the country. In some very mild south coastal locations this date can be brought forward by several weeks. The tubers can be lifted in the late autumn and stored in a frost-free place over winter. Alternatively if your soils are free draining they can be left over winter as long as they are well mulched.

Gladioli Traderhorn are winter hardy and can be left outside all year long and will flower again the following summer. Follow the planting instructions below for the best results

Fressia like the warmer parts of the garden.

Remember to feed the dahlias when they are growing with bone meal or similar

Care Tips:

Dahlias will need to be protected if over wintering in the garden


Growing Information

Flowering height: Dahlia Lavender Perfection 40″ (100cm) Top mix dahlia Pink 20″ (50cm), Liatris Spicata 20″ (50cm), Anemone Sylphide 12″ (30cm)

Flowering Period: Summer to first frosts

Soil type: Free draining soils. In heavier soils add humus and or grit to help drainage

Aspect: semi to full sun.

Planting Depth. Dahlias so top of tuber is 5cms below the soil surface,

Gladioli: 10-15cm deep,

Fressia 8cms deep into warm soils


Additional information


Flowering time


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