Basket Starter


Five active components for better baskets and patio pots.

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Basket starter is an easy to use compressed coir biscuit. It contains five active components making for better baskets and perfect patio pots.

Compost blends sold for hanging baskets do not always contain the vital nutrients required for the transition of water and nutrients.

Using a few Basket Starter biscuits whilst planting is the better way to get the absolute best from your baskets and containers.

Ideal for growing all types of bulbs that work well in a basket such as dwarf daffodils, pendula begonias and dwarf iris.

Weight: 192g

Suitable for: Hanging Baskets, patio tubs and window troughs

Method of application:

Half fill the basket or container, evenly spread out the biscuits, plant as normal, water well

Contents: Mycorrhizal fungi slow release fertiliser and bio stimulants in a compressed coir biscuit


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