Hyacinth Outdoor Purple Sensation


Purple Sensation has striking deep purple attractive flowers.

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Hyacinth Purple Sensation has attractive deep purple flowers that make a very vibrant and fragrant display in your garden.

Cultivation Instructions:

Hyacinths are ideal for growing in borders and containers, particularly close to the house so as you can enjoy their fragrance as you pass them by. Cultivate soils well before planting and add humus matter to poor soils. Grow in well-drained, moderately fertile soil in the sunny areas of the garden. They will also tolerate partial shade for a one-off display, but flowers in the following years will not be as dense. Fully hardy in the ground, but can be frost tender in containers if you have a cold garden or we experience a very cold winter.

Bulb performance and flower quality usually declines in the years after planting. So, for the best displays, replace each year. You can however leave them in the garden and enjoy the smaller flowers which will still make attractive displays. Keep bulbs well fed during the leaf and flower stage, let the leaves die back, remove the dead foliage and flowers and mulch well.

Growing in containers:

Use any peat-free multi-purpose potting compost or make your own by mixing two-parts John Innes No. 2 compost with one-part grit or perlite to improve drainage. For the best displays grow in odd numbers of 3, 5 or more bulbs. To help with good drainage raise the containers by placing them on ‘pot feet’ or bricks. Protect containers from frost damage in winter by wrapping with bubble plastic or similar

Care tips:

Plant individually in 9cm pots for growing on in a sheltered place, such as a cold frame. In spring, select those about to bloom at the same time and pot up together for indoor enjoyment.

Grow with other fragrant varieties such as Narcissi Bridal crown

Ideal foods are well rotted manures, tomato feed and bone meal.

Growing Information

Flowering Height: 25-30cm (10-12″)

Flowering Period: March-April

Soil type: Moderately fertilised soils that are free draining

Aspect: Prefer full sun but also happy in semi shade.

Scented: Very Fragrant

Planting Depth: 10-12cms

Spacing: 7.5-10cms apart.

Full growing instructions provided.

New season top quality bulbs dispatched from September on-wards

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