Anemonella thalictroides Spring Symphony


Wonderful and stunning deep pink double pink flowers.

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This does actually look as good as the picture. The flowers are dainty but quite stunning. The double deep pink flowers of Spring Symphony are quite something and need to be seen to be fully appreciated. Originally from North America, these are tuberous-rooted herbaceous perennials and is something that is completely different but superb.  Very long lasting. Plant in a moisture retaining soil in a sunny part of the garden. Cultivate soils to a depth of 8cms minimum and plant them with the roots fanned out at a depth of 3cms below the soil surface. Ensure that in the first year as they establish the soil does not dry out. After a few years and once well established they will need to be divided during the time they are dormant,

Flowering height 6″ (15cms)

Flowering period: April-May

Soil type: Free draining Moisture retentive soils in a sunny position.

Aspect: Shadier parts of the garden, not ideal in full sun.


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