Amorphophallus bulbifer


Amorphophallus bulbifer has a largish pink spathe and is ideal for the summer border.

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Amorphophallus bulbifer is ideal for the cottage garden or even to plant in containers. This is a tuberous rooted plant and Amorphophallus bulbifer will produce huge leaves. Also known as Snake’s Palm or Devil’s Tongue.The spathe is large and pink and it does have a pungent smell for the first few days when the flower opens! so not always ideal to plant next to the front door.

Cultivation instruction

Plant Indoors: Best results are from growing outside.

Plant outside: From Late February on wards, when the soils are starting to warm up and are not waterlogged. Prepare soils by digging in some well rotted humus matter and some grit if soils are heavy. Plant bulbs in well cultivated free draining soil with the bulb 10cms below the soil surface. Quite different to have in any garden and it is ideal for the summer border as the leaves make quite a focal point. Not hardy so needs protecting over winter, which can be achieved with a thick layer of mulch. Regularly feed during the growing season with foods such as are well rotted manures, Tomato feed and bone meal will provide food for continued flowering.

Care Tips:

Do not over water or over feed as the roots are quite tender.

Ideal in woodland areas and plant with martagon lilies.

Growing information

Flowering height: 18″ (45cm)

Flowering period: April-May

Aspect: Prefers the shady areas of the garden.

Soil types: humus rich soil with good drainage.

Scented: Pungent for first couple of days.

Planting distance: 10-15cm between plants

Planting depth: 10cms

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