Very showy and blousy group of tulips with lacinated petals, excellnt as a cut flower with fascinating shapes.  May flowering.

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  • Tulip Parrot Apricot Parrot


    The flowers of Apricot Parrot are a pale apricot yellow tinged with white and rose hues.

  • Tulip Parrot Black Parrot AGM


    Black Parrot is a must for any garden with flowers of deep purplish black.

  • Tulip Parrot Caribbean Parrot

    Tulip Parrot Caribbean Parrot


    The flowers of Caribbean parrot are a deep yellow flamed and marked orange and red, with orange and red feathering at the edge of the petals

  • Tulip Parrot Estella Rijnveld


    Estella Rijnveld is a superb raspberry red parrot tulip that is heavily flamed with white.

  • Tulip Parrot Flaming Parrot AGM

    Tulip Parrot Flaming Parrot AGM


    The flowers of Flaming Parrot have an exterior barium yellow flamed.

  • Tulip Parrot Green Wave

    Tulip Parrot Green Wave


    Green Wave is a sport of the viridiflora tulip Groenland with petals of pastel mauve flamed green.

  • Tulip Parrot Prince


    A new parrot tulip with such superb deep purple flowers

  • Tulip Parrot Rasta Parrot


    Tulip Parrot Rasta Parrot has flowers that are a combination of orange, red, yellow and purple.

  • Tulip Parrot Red Madonna


    Red Madonna ideal for containers and borders, flowers that are Dark Red, flushed on the outside with purplish red.

  • Tulip Parrot White Parrot


    White Parrot is a new but already very popular variety lending its self to growing in borders or containers.

  • Tulip Parrot Yellow Madonna


    Yellow Madonna has flowers that are deep yellow with a greenish flame that fades to pure yellow as it ages.