Prepared/Indoor Hyacinths

Prepared hyacinths for early flowering at Christmas.

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  • Hyacinth Prepared Aiolos


    white fragrant hyacinth, excellent for pots. We supply large grade bulbs which is the key to success.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Aqua


    Grow for Christmas flowers with a gorgeous fragrance

  • Hyacinth Prepared Blue Pearl


    Prepared Hyacinth Blue Pearl is a superb deep blue hyacinth which is ideal for growing in pots or bowls or hyacinth glasses.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Pink Pearl


    Pink Pearl has deep hydrangea pink blooms and is one of the best pink hyacinths.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Scarlet Pearl


    This is a superb hyacinth that is has gorgeous deep red/scarlet flowers.

  • Hyacinth Prepared Woodstock


    Fabulous beetroot purple flowers make this the ideal hyacinth to grow for Christmas displays.