31 March, 2020 — Your gardening year

Spring Bulbs in 2020

In these uncertain times, many of us are taking solace in the garden. As such we wanted to share some of our wonderful pictures of spring bulbs to brighten your day. Gardening with spring bulbs we feel is very helpful with mental well being. We also know that many of our customers are finding it a place to escape to.

Narcissi Jetfire  Narcissi Articol Narcissi Snow Baby  Lobularis Dark Dimension Bridal Crown Apricot Passion    Chionodoxa forbesii Ipheion Charlotte Bishop   Amaryllis Ferrari

The pictures above are top left to right, Narcissi Jetfire, Narcissi Articol, Narcissi Snow Baby. Hyacinth Dark Dimension, Narcissi lobularis and Narcissi Art Design. Narcissi Bridal Crown with Hyacinth Apricot Passion.

Second row Narcissi Avalon, Chionodoxa forbesii, Ipheion Charlotte Bishop. Assorted Muscari, Tulip Texas Gold coming into flower and Amaryllis Ferrari.