11 April, 2019 — Uncategorized

Starting off cannas & begonias

To get early summer colour into your garden Cannas and begonias are ideal candidates. To get off to an early start you will need to place the cannas and begonias in a deep seed tray (2-3”) filled with fine seed compost and place them on a warm windowsill, in a warm propagator or in a heated greenhouse.

They can both be planted so as the top is just above the soil level. Keep soil moist but not too wet. Once the cannas and begonias start to grow, you may need to put them into larger pots or if they have enough room in the trays they can be left. Once outside weather conditions allow, the plants can gradually be hardened off before planting out into their final resting spot.


Begonias will flower for longer if the dead flowers are removed. Cannas will prefer