27 February, 2019 — Your gardening year

Our trip to Hinton Ampner

Last weekend we went to visit the National Trust garden at Hinton Ampner where we enjoyed the unusual early Spring weather whilst wandering around this fantastic place.

Hinton Ampner is a wonderful and elegant country manor house in the Hampshire countryside with views over the South Downs.

The gardens have wonderfully manicured lawns and some of the hedges have winding, undulating edges as can be seen from our photographs.

In bloom in the gardens were a vast range of crocus bulbs both specie (chrysanthus) and Dutch large flowering as well as carpets of snowdrops and eranthis (winter aconites).

The wildlife was also enjoying the early spring weather with bees and butterflies flitting in and out of the flowers.

This is a highly recommended place to visit as it offers so many options of historical walks to enjoy including views over the scene of the Battle of Cheriton where every few years, a re-enactment takes place.